July 24, 2019

Forest of Dean photo shoot | Daria & Luna

Two dear besties which I admire a lot. We have long agreed to this photo session, unfortunately, each of us had other plans or just missed the weather. I must admit that the summer is not treating us this year and especially in rainy England, although we managed to break into the forest on this nice warm Thursday evening <3

I present to you Daria and Jack Russel - Luna! Unfortunately Luna did not want to cooperate too much and she did not give the lens a friendly look, so we had to improvise a few shots but it worked! :)

Pictures goes to my (I must admit) quite a large collection and I hope that it hits your taste and encourages cooperation with me regarding outdoor lifestyle photographysessions <3

PS. Now you have the possibility to translate the blog to another language if you feel the need, I hope that the translation will be a little sensible because Google has not yet developed a thorough but not literal translation from Polish to English and vice versa. This option is located at the very bottom of the sidebar.

Enjoy! <3


1 comment:

  1. Przepiękne zdjęcia! Takie soczyste i pełne wyrazistości! <3
    Piękna modelka i uroczy psiaczek <3



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