July 15, 2019

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I think creating this blog was the biggest challenge for me as for I'm not good with coding and this template required some changes from my different point of view ;)
Nonetheless I would love to keep you posted with my work and latest photo shoots! I hope I'll be able to keep you here for few more minutes in the future so you can explore and look for inspirations <3
Few word about me - there was a person who inspired me to do what I do and I guess it wasn't only me who ought the bug :) Well after 6 years of my photography journey - ups and downs here I am starting my first wedding photo shoot on Saturday! Here I come and I'll surprise you <3
If you would like to ask any question, pop in on to Facebook or contact me on:

PS. Special thank to my friends and family for keeping me motivated and participating in my photo sessions - this has definitely kept me going!

Karolina Wolska


  1. Mega zdjęcia! Po prostu cudowne <3 Widać, że robione z pasją i zaangażowaniem :)



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