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Hey there!
Welcome to my photography site. Starting my journey simple by taking photographs of nature and friends ending on becoming proffesional photographer I love to capture those wonderful moments by looking for subtle emotions, phenomenal lights and little details ❤ Let's create your story together!
Showing posts from August, 2019

Photo shoot | Zaneta & Lawrence

I had a pleeasue to work with these love-birds over the last Bank Holiday weekend. Weather amazed us with high temperature, my eyes went watery from focusing and forehead sweating of jumping through long grass on the fields. Unfortunately we were unable to do photo shoot with poppies as they went out of season howe…

"Right-click" | How to protect context on Blogger

Photographers and lifestyle bloggers! Have you ever thought of how to protect you work on blogger from being duplicated and published elsewhere by readers? Lately I've been having doubts regarding my photography copyrights on my site whether someone seen them and just hit "right-click" and save it…

Photography purposes | Why Blogger not Wix?

Be sure of what you want... For a long time I was looking for a platform on the internet that would meet my requirements with photography "business" and needs. I did not want it to be something over the top and I always wanted to create something from scratch. Unfortunately I'm not that capable of…

Home photo shoot | Beata Romecka

This photo shoot shows how simplicity often is better than contriving. Beata was my ideal model never been camera-shy and went above and beyong to make sure she does everything I wanted her to do. To be honest I could not complain. Quick session has been done at home by well litted window with messy hair bun whi…

Auction action | Akcja licytacja

Polish: Cytuję Panią Aurelię, która znalazła mnie na portalu Facebook'owym i apelowała o pomoc przy zbiórce na remont zdobytego lokalu na centrum pomocy dziecom. Oczywiście zgodziłam się pomóc poprzez Akcje Licytacje! W 2017 roku Fundacja Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę otworzyła w Starogardzie Gdańskim pierwsze w …

Blaise photo shoot | Sylwia Brzoskowska

Sylwia's photo shoot; these are the pictures that I had to grow into. I didn't know which side to take them from... you know this feeling when you're happy about them, but not sure how to edit them to give them a special mood? Of course, I did not leave Sylwia without pictures, although I was n…

LavendLOVE Photo Shoot | Iwona & Piotr

Weather surprised us in LavendLove photo shoot! At first rainy but then sun was not hiding at all. 40min away from Bristol but it was worth getting to the place, actually gate to the field whereabouts we have parked then march those 20min in search of lavender and hear this buzz of bumblebees... Believe me…