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Hey there!
Welcome to my photography site. Starting my journey simple by taking photographs of nature and friends ending on becoming proffesional photographer I love to capture those wonderful moments by looking for subtle emotions, phenomenal lights and little details ❤ Let's create your story together!

What are you dreaming of?

What everybody deams about...?

Damn! I thought writing a blog would be little easier especially when you want to start advising on what you really love to do. I'm not professional so please give me some time :) 

Everything turns up side down in my stomach as in the end I will have to publish this post so EVERYBODY can read it! I have a little excitement with anxiety inside of me haha! Apart from the fact that I have never done it (and tried several times without much success) I will try it anyway, because why not? I think it can please me especially when someone reads it and finds that I actually inspired them - lets hope it will! :)

I love people who know what they want from life, which way to go.. It's really worth trying to follow your goals and dreams, because that's what it's all about. Most of you folks think that everything we want and want to get simply will come voluntarily and be with us - of course not!

Has anyone ever told you that you need to help your dreams come true as it won't happen on its own? That's it! I wouldn't have developed myself in what I love if not for the fact that I spend a lot of time on photography practicing Photoshop/Lightroom late at night till my eyes burns and wanting people to hear about me and my work - yes, you have to sacrifice something! Most of my time I spend on medias it's private (in which I didn't really do much before photography absorbed me 100%) when I was bouncing on the sofa watching a movie or sitting on the phone. Now even my husband chases me away from the computer so that I can finally go rest or watch the movie we were both waiting for <3

Yes, everyone would like everything to happen now at this specific moment, but everything takes time. You can't sacrifice everything! It's not about giving up your everyday life... Remember that balance in everyday plan is important - you need to know when to say STOP!

For me family is on first place; I am always there for them whenever they need me, there is no doubt. Then, there's photography, friends and others. Of course photography is always something I'm going back to but from time to time you just need a quick break and that's were you want to meet your friends and chill for some time, go out and make best out of it <3 

What everybody dreams of...?

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm 100% sure how to do it to get where I want to be! You definitely need to try method by attempting and making mistakes, so do not be afraid to take risks! There are situations that you won't find out if you can do it until you TAKE THE RISK! You will fail and you will success, but first you need to learn that there is no other way.

See! My first post and this is what happens, I have created little something - anyway maybe this is how I will encourage you to discuss and answer the question yourself: What is my goal and how do I want to get there? Something to think about huh? :)

Okay, so one thing to be clear on: I'm not a confident person, bit simpler - if I don't have knowledge about a given topic I don't speak I listen and try to remember all the details given to me. I will not pretend that I know everything and I will make myself crazy and write you posts about any nonsense that comes to my head. I will go in a different direction and if I find out that a given topic can benefit someone I will write about it. I'm just here to share my thoughts with you and make sure we share the same photography vibe to talk about in the near future.



  1. I totally agree with you! You need to help your dreams to come true! I love to read your blog it really is inspiring. I wish you all the best and I really hope that you will continue with your work because you're amazing!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words I'm glad someone actually read from top to bottom :)

  2. Pozwolę sobie skomentować po polsku ;)
    To bardzo dobry, motywujący wpis. Zgadzam się z tym, że ciężką pracą można osiągać, to się chce. Ale ludziom się zazwyczaj nie chce, więc jesteś o tyle wyżej, że rozwijasz się. I to jest super. Lubie takich ludzi jak Ty, bo mnie inspirują, żeby ja tez robiła więcej.
    Pozdrawiam ;)

    1. Dziekuje slicznie! Ciesze sie, ze ktos z poza mojej zamknietej publiki docenil moje wypociny :D
      Motywujemy siebie wzajemnie <3

  3. Zgadzam się z Tobą w stu procentach! To od nas zależy czy pomożemy sobie spełnić własne marzenia :) A Twojego bloga bardzo lubię :-)


    1. Dziękuję Iwettko, staram się dotrzeć do czytelników w interesujący sposób i chyba działa :D

  4. Bardzo fajny post motywacyjny :) Ja też należę do tych ludzi, którzy mają swoje cele i dążą do nich ;) Nie boję się marzyć, nawet jeśli, początkowo wydają się nieosiągalne ;)


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